Sunday, October 04, 2020

How Keeping a Journal Helped me Escape from a Life of Domestic Abuse

The following Quora question came in for me, and in answering a question about writing, it occurred to me that I was also sharing one of the things that helped me navigate the minefield of domestic abuse, eventually finding my way out. So I share it with you (along with some annotation geared for those living with abusers):
Q: How has maintaining a daily journal helped you as a writer?

A: Maintaining a journal, was absolutely invaluable when writing my first published book.

"Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence," could never have been written without it. When preparing to write on the subject of domestic violence, I started by reading through my own journals. I found I had already written most of the book!

In those journals, were details that might otherwise have been forgotten, had I not been writing them down while they were fresh in my mind (along with insights into my situation). 
TIP: Do you live with an abuser who gaslights you? Keep a journal!
It was the process of writing down my thoughts and insights [along with actual incidences of abuse], that helped give me perspective on what I was going through, as I came to grips with the knowledge that my Creator did not require me to submit to such treatment. The sin was on the part of the abuser... not on the abused. 
By adding research to personal experience and the memories recorded in my journals, I was able to create a rich resource for women experiencing domestic abuse…and for those they are most likely to turn to for help. I have heard from women on how helpful they found the book [even years after leaving the abuse] in understanding aspects of their situations they had never been able to get a handle on.

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