Friday, September 04, 2020

What to Include in a Self-Care Package to an Abused Woman


September is self-care month. A question was asked in an advocacy group about what I would include in a self-care package to an abused woman. One of our members said she would include a flower, because she so seldom received any during her years of abuse. I thought that was lovely. I added to the flower, that I would also include some helpful literature or book. It was a free book offered on television that served as one of the catalysts that set me on my journey to freedom from abuse. I have since written a book describing my own journey out, and hopefully that will serve as a map to help other women in navigating their way out of the minefield that is an abusive marriage (don't forget that next month is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. My book would be an excellent gift for an abused woman or anyone she might turn to for help, i.e., family, friend, pastor....). 

What else would you include in the package? Tell us in the comments below.

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