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I pray this book starts a revolution! ~~Earl Gooden, The Bottom Line Radio Broadcast

"You write so we can feel it. Well done!"  

 "I believe this book could actually save lives."  ~~Elreta Dodds, Author of, “Is God A Chauvinist?”

"Her sometimes controversial take on suggested Christian women's response to conventional church wisdom on the topic of domestic violence has often caught the evangelical world off guard -- but she's undaunted." ~~Ed Thomas, One News Now

"I am sooo pleased that you developed this book. I have been working in the Domestic Violence field for over 20 years and have been wishing for a resource like this..."~Attorney and Victim's Advocate, AZ

"I read the book and was just overwhelmed!  It brought back a lot of those old feelings, but at the same time, explained some things I hadn't yet gotten a handle on...I think the book is wonderful."
Kathy Isler, Artist, Former Battered Wife

"I was ecstatic to see your book! I have lived it. When I told my church I was leaving they told me to go back...When he battered me badly enough I filed for divorce, they told me I would undergo church discipline...."  ~Lori, R.N. 

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If you are a victim of domestic violence or in a position to offer counsel to someone who is, this book is a must read. This first chapter is so compelling, it hooked me. I am not a victim, nor do I know anyone that is, but as a friend, ministry leader, or an acquaintance, my path might one day cross with someone who is in the throes of home violence. I pray that my words would be encouraging and wise; that they would be led by the Spirit and consistent with scripture. Reading this book has removed my “rose colored glasses” and opened my eyes to a dangerous error being made today in Christian circles.

The author writes from first-hand experience as a victim of domestic violence, after careful self-examination, exhaustive research, and all under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Her target audience is Christians dealing with domestic violence, and with that said, much of it also pertains to victims in general, and primarily to battered women by their spouses or male partners. The author effectively provides valid arguments for viewpoints usually overlooked by Christian leaders attempting to counsel women in abusive relationships.

I don’t want to give away her insights that readers will find so fascinating as they read, and yet I want to convey the excellence of the book in content, form, and style. The book dynamically addresses the roles friends and family often take and presents insights into the psyche of victims.

The writing is excellent! I found it hard to put down. Andersen makes notable statements like, “And although to some it may come as a complete surprise, psychologists are NOT the experts on the human condition – Jesus Christ our creator is” and “Stay and pray – only serves to enable the abuser to comfortably continue his sinful and illegal behavior while keeping his victim in harm’s way.” Andersen declares the power of Proverbs 3:5-6 and the need for all involved in such cases to wholly rely on it.

I heard voices! Those of past ministers and well-known Christian Leaders. I also, recognized the strength of the author, her intention, determination, and faith. I highly recommend this book for EVERYONE.

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