Your book is a reminder of what I need to do

Jocelyn, what a mighty God indeed. I am so thankful to Him for sparing your life so you could be the voice you now are for those who are gagged. What the enemy intended for evil, God has turned it out for your good and the good of many, many, more than you can count.

I remember a dark night on the streets of Hackney, London. I was a small child walking with my bloody-faced mother on our way to the hospital . . . I know now what the scar on her lips symbolizes. 

How selfish of me then...and now, especially as a Christian. I have not been fair to her by not understanding the impact of abuse on her life...I now recognize I need to not only repent but address her behavior toward me from a different perspective, certainly with more grace. 

A few days ago, as I pondered on meeting her again soon (last time 2016), I sensed I didn't want to touch her, I then realized I still have issues I need to address. Vising your site and reading the first chapter of your book is a reminder of what I need to do.

I will purchase the book and peruse your site in more detail. 

Thank you for sharing your pain, shame, and beauty you have acquired for your ashes through the faithful loving-kindness of our heavenly Father, who promised never to leave or forsake you.

...a vision comes before me of perpetrators...I saw men who are repentant and need support to overcome their guilt and shame.

Mary B

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