Separation and Divorce


Excerpt from Chapter 7 of, Woman Submit!. "My Journey from Fear to Peace:"

"...That passage helped me understand that when I became willing to see and do things God’s way instead of my way, I would be cared for by God and would no longer be at the mercy of abusive treatment or threats of abandonment.

    Did that understanding solve the problems within my marriage? No. Did I immediately run out and file for divorce? To my family’s dismay, no, I did not. It took some time for me to grasp the fact that I had to let go of the wheel. I had to give up control. I had to stop trying to figure everything out.

    Is that a surprising statement coming from one who was trying to escape being controlled? It shouldn’t. Everyone has to have some sense that they are in control of some portion of their lives. One of my ways of feeling in control of that chaotic situation was by not admitting defeat. I simply refused to give up. I was constantly trying to figure out ways to fix things. I was even using prayer to try and control the situation. That was wrong.

   It was with great difficulty that I reached the painful conclusion that my efforts to change my beloved abuser might be fruitless. And I finally, reluctantly, became willing to accept the consequence of divorce or permanent separation if that became necessary."

Excerpt from Chapter 7 of, Woman Submit!. "My Journey from Fear to Peace:"


 A book that saves lives.

Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence: Andersen, Jocelyn: 9780979429309: Books

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