Planning for October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

192 women will die from domestic violence  before October arrives.

Before turning to law enforcement, women who are experiencing domestic violence often turn to family, friends, pastors, or other spiritual leaders. Are you prepared to respond knowledgeably, compassionately, and biblically if someone turns to you for help?

Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence, is for those who are experiencing domestic violence or spousal abuse and also for those they are most likely to turn to for help.

Every month should be domestic violence awareness month. Let's lower the statistics. Act now! 

Get a copy for yourself, a copy for your pastor or local shelter, and a copy to give to someone else (whether victim or advocate) who might need it. Ask your local library or bookstore to get a copy for you. Recommend the book to your friends. And don't forget to post a review! 

Buy the book or read the first chapter HERE.

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