Saturday, April 23, 2011


For the past few months, Cindy Kunsman and I have been discussing the abusive paradigm of patriarchal religion on our  BlogTalkRadio Show. Sometimes the impact of the things we talk about can overwhelming. I, for one, would love nothing better than to have a show that deals with light, pleasant topics--anything but the horrors of places like Hephzibah House--but we feel led, even compelled, by the Holy Spirit to turn the flood light of truth upon these dark places and expose the lies and abuses that take place in the name of Christ. We do this in hopes (along with fervent prayers) that eyes will be opened, that lives will be changed for the better, that abuses in the name of Christ will be stopped, that Christian men and women will stand up and refuse to lend their support, any longer, to evil agendas. 

What a travesty that pain, suffering, and ugliness is propogated in the name of our dear Savior who came that we might have life and that more abundantly, and that men who would be god would impose their cruel images over that of Him who is altogether lovely.

On April 18, Cindy did an episode entitled  Helplessness and Bounded Choice, and Life at Hephzibah House which helps us to understand a little better why victims are often voiceless and why we must lend our voices to them, raised in opposition to religious systems that not only offer no life or hope but actually steal those things from us.