Monday, July 05, 2010

Patriarchy Leads to Abuse. Period.

As a formerly battered Christian wife who is alive only by supernatural intervention ( you can read about that in the first chapter of my book which is posted at ), it is my profound belief (backed up by studies and statistics) that strongly held attitudes of male supremacy are largely responsible for domestic violence. That is why I work so hard to raise awareness of both issues within the Christian community.

Registration is still open for the Seneca Falls 2 Evangelical Women's Rights Convention to be held in Orlando in a few weeks. It is a free conference. Please come and bring some friends if you can. ~~jocelyn 


Hillary said...

I recently received your book and it is amazing...I haven't finished it yet, but thank you for speaking out on this topic.

JaneDoeThreads said...

Finally! Some Christian woman has the Guts to say it, and it's true, so true.

It's not enough to just address women in ministry [which won't do nada for women, haven't they learned from the failures of gender equity attempts in politics, Iran good example there] or addressing women being able to work, outside of the home,

oh no, the root, needs to be deconstructed, and Patriarchy IS that root.

Sad to say, the patriarchy in religion, is only one branch--it's banality of evil reaches even into the most liberal of secular. But 'men'sianity' is I think, second to Islam, the strongest root of both patriarchy And outright



Wes Widner said...

Yes, patriarchy leads to abuse. That's why I abuse my wife all the time.

Note: In case you missed it, that was sarcasm dripping off the above comment.

Kristen said...

Oh yes, the fact that there were good and kind slaveholders proves that slavery didn't lead to abuse either. We can just ignore all the stripes on the backs of those other slaves. Those masters and slaves just weren't doing slavery right.

shadowspring said...

True response, Kristen.

I have to wonder what Wes's wife would say, especially if she felt free to respond in honesty.

Patriarchy is at its very core abusive, because it sets men as above women. It is nowhere near Christ-like, for Christ came as one who serves, and patriarchal men clearly demand to be served! The very definition of patriarchy- father rule- demands servants, underlings, subordinates- choose your synonym.

May I suggest your wife check out the power and abuse wheel at

Mara Reid said...

Couldn't get the link to work Shadow.

Along the some lines, as Wes and Kristen. I suppose we should go back to having kings since that's what they did in the OT and no all kings were dictators. Just some of them.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess if one wants to be a true blue patriarch and rebaptize the Old Covenant I would advise that you sell your home and become a nomadic tent dweller for starters. Secondly, I would advise that you go look for your second wife and maybe a few slaves so that you will be properly served and every need attended.

In case you missed it, that was sarcasm dripping off of the above comment.

Instead what we have is small nuclear families (not family clans or tribes). A man with only one wife and no slaves.

Hierarchalists think patriarchy is Christian. But, in fact it is part and parcel of the fall. Wes will not wrestle with nor will he embrace any of the qualifications that would make him a 'true' patriarch in the biblical sense. Patriarch for the small rural or suburbian man has to boil down to 'power over others' as every other example above would be to repugnant to even consider in our day (to an evangelical chrisitan). Power over wives is a patriarchs 'last thread' you think he is going to let go of it? Not on your life!

(Terri Tippins)

Anonymous said...

It's true that when women don't listen to and obey their husbands like changing a the subject of a conversation when speaking with him, ignoring, minimizing, and interrupting him while he's speaking, for example, are often hit around and hacked. Also according to Christian teachings, women are more prone to sin and temptation like Eve, which is why they're instructed to listen and obey their husbands like children with their parents.