Monday, May 26, 2008

Resources for Dealing With Abuse or Domestic Violence From a Christian Perspective

THE DORCAS NETWORK, is a network of concerned Christian men, women, clergy and lay persons, dedicated to empowering all Christians to respond compassionately, Biblically and effectively to those within their spheres of influence experiencing domestic violence and/or domestic abuse.

In spite of a plethora of titles promising scriptural answers to Christian victims of domestic violence or abuse, most, in actuality, espouse a spirituality which is far from biblical. The four books listed below, however, come highly recommended by The Dorcas Network as truly biblical resources. They are written by authors who have experienced domestic violence and/or abuse and have survived by the grace of God to share the answers they found in his Word--the Bible.

These books are each complimentary to one another covering a number of scenarios within the "Abuse/domestic violence among Christians" arena. Together they provide well rounded, detailed counsel in advising not only battered and abused Christian Women, but also Christian leaders and individuals in responding confidently, compassionately, and biblically when domestic violence or abuse strikes close to home.

Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence, by formerly battered Christian Wife, Jocelyn Andersen, is a great resource for Christian Women who are experiencing abuse and/or domestic violence and for those they are most likely to turn to for help, i.e., family, friends and/or clergy. It contains solid advice for biblical Christian Response to the social ill and sin of domestic violence. Available in the US, UK, and Canada. click here for more info

Would the REAL CHURCH Please Stand Up!, by formerly battered Christian wife, Susan Greenfield, is a detailed challenge to all Chrisitans in responding biblically when the issue of abuse and domestic violence among Christians presents itself up close and personally at the local church. click here for more info

Another excellent resource is Waneta Dawn's Behind the Hedge.

In this fictional account of an abusive marriage within a Christian home, Waneta Dawn has done an amazing job of exploring the dynamics of such a relationship and the destructive effects of it upon the entire family. It is written with God given insight, sensitivity and compassion.

The story portrays biblical guidance for women experiencing abuse that has not escalated into violence as yet. click here for more info

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