Saturday, February 18, 2012

Submission the Final Arbiter

   It is an unarguable fact that humans need and want boundaries, so it should come as no surprise that as Biblical Christianity declines [being replaced by a predominantly soft-on-doctrine-don’t-be-judgmental approach], the need for boundaries and structure within the Christian community reveals itself.
   Nowhere, is this more evident than in the fact of Evangelical Christians turning in droves to hierarchal priest-craft and more rigid than ever gender-role restrictions in order to provide boundaries and structure in an otherwise anything-goes-religious-free-for-all attitude that is taking root in the Christian psyche.
   The Written word of God, the Bible, no longer seems to be the final arbiter as to whether or not behavior is “Christian” or not, and protestant Christians, who previously looked only to Jesus as Mediator between themselves and their God, seem more willing than ever to transfer the mediatorship from Jesus to pastors, who claim it is their responsibility to answer [to God] for their congregants come judgment day.
   How is it, that Pastors have become self-appointed mediators between God and their congregations? And how is it, that husbands have been appointed mediators between their wives and God? And how is it, that how we submit to this man-made hierarchy, is said to determine the extent to which we can say it is well with our souls?
   Submission, therefore, becomes the final arbiter of whether or not a person is truly Christian or not.
   How convenient for hierarchalists, as this type of Christianity leaves little use for the Lordship of Christ, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, or the assurance of the Written Word of God.

Woman this is WAR! Gender Slavery and the Evangelical Caste System examines Bible commentary and translation practices which have historically been androcentric (male centered) and even misogynistic (anti-woman). These have adversely effected understanding of the scriptures, relations between women and men, the happiness of men and women, and, in general, has hindered the work of the gospel, by forbidding women to preach, pastor, or serve as elders or deacons. The book chronicles the early history of the women's rights movements, as well as the role of church leadership in aggressively suppressing both women's rights and the historical record of Christian initiatives within the movements. Through the complementarian movement, many of the same arguments used to support the institution of slavery, are still used today in suppressing the rights of Christian women. This book documents identical arguments used by Christian leaders against both movements and is an unparalleled resource for all who desire an in-depth study of gender equality from a Christian perspective. The history of women’s rights is traced back [much further than usual] to the very first feminists…who were Christians—godly women, who brought the issue of women's rights to the forefront as they struggled to alleviate the suffering of others, and found they were hindered in doing so for no other reason than the fact of their sex. This work, provides valuable historical insight into Christian initiatives in the movements for women’s rights, that are rarely included in Christian literature. Visit this link for more information or to buy the book:  Woman this is WAR! Gender Slavery and the Evangelical Caste System

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