Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Evil Woman

"this woman is a kook - a radical femi-nazi with a chip on her shoulder the size of the full moon..."

MoveOnDotOrgg has made a comment on Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence:  "this woman is a kook - a radical femi-nazi with a chip on her shoulder the size of the full moon. You have to ask yourself why she doesn't realize it's women who have abandoned thier homes and families trying to The divorce rate is obscenely high and the blame rest squarely on the laps of clueless feminists and thier misguided mindset. Who loses? The children with broken, divorced families."
What this person wrote is not an original or isolated opinion. It resonates with what is being taught by popular teachers throughout the evangelical church. What makes it even sadder, is that he chose a video of a battered woman in which to state his case. The slave-holding spirit truly is merciless and implacable.
Women are abandoning their homes trying to be men...? Listen to what is being said here as it is a mainstream evangelical sentiment. If a woman knows that she is created a free, autonomous, human being, she is accused of trying to be a man. Personal freedom and autonomy belong only to men? What does that make women? There is only one answer to that question. What do we call someone who is not free?
The slave-holding spirit is still alive and well within the evangelical and fundamental Christian communities.
Do not think the person who made such a vicious accusation against women holds an extremist view point. His position aligns perfectly with that of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) whose sympathizers, supporters, and various board members read like a Who's Who of conservative Christian leaders: Phyllis Schlafly, John Piper, Wayne Grudem, John MacArthur, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Paige and Dorothy Patterson,  Joe Stowell, Al Mohler, Charles Stanley, Elisabeth Elliott....The list is impressive and extensive.
The blame for the destruction of families rests squarely on the shoulders of women? Women must be evil indeed. It must be so, because every person named in the list above and a host of others hold to the "evil woman" doctrine. God help us. Prejudice against women (even by other women) is extreme among conservative Christians--to the point of being fanatical.
But such viciousness against women is not found in scripture.
You say there is no resemblance between the vicious commentator and your favorite complementarian teacher? If that is the case, it is only because the really popular complementarians have learned to sugar-coat their venom. But the anonymous critic above is not interested in hiding his . . . and he is quoting some of them verbatim.
I seriously doubt the commentator above cares anything about anyone but himself. There is no hint of a compassionate disposition in his writing. His issue is not the preservation and wellbeing of families and children. Along with the CBMW and company, his issue is clearly that of male dominance.
God deliver us from slave-holding spirits.


Mara Reid said...

Yes, it is very sick that this man commented on a video with pictures of an abused woman.
The fault is not with the men who beat the tar out of their women. Domestic abuse is a myth drummed up by feminist because they hate men.

Yeah, right.

Here's a comment thread from a comp. blog where a firm comp actually points out that men left their wives at a ratio pf 600:1 in the 80s and then women turned around and left their husbands at a rate of 12:1 in the 90s.
The commentor's name is stan and I thanked him for his honesty.

Don't let the thread get your blood boiling. But yeah, these men, reasonable as they have been in discusion, are bitten by this 'evil woman' bug. Terribly so.

Blogger doesn't allow me to put in the actual link that you can click on. But I'm actually glad for that because then they could come back here and raise heck. And that's what I DON'T want. I just want people from here to be able to copy and past this link into their browser and go view the discussion over there.
Join the conversation at your own risk.
They tend to equate egal with third wave, gender feminists (Pro-abortion, anti-man/father).

shadowspring said...

I am a battered woman, though the battering is mostly emotional only because it has not escalated beyond intimidation to actual physical violence yet. Well, on one occasion a year and a half ago, when my husband told me I didn't deserve to live and that he should kill me, while putting his hands on my throat and crushing my breasts with the weight of his 200+ pounds.

You know my story, Mara, and how I am doing everything I can to help my husband and save my marriage. I talked to our therapist today. She wondered who on earth would possibly shame or condemn me if things don't work out between us? (Meaning if my husband doesn't come to a state of emotional healing so that he is not overcome with rage seemingly over nothing, but really at the abuses he suffered in the fundamentalist missionary boarding school structure.)

What the hell is wrong with these people? Surely their doctrine will not save them from the fires of hell. "Depart from me, I never knew you." is the only thing I can imagine Jesus saying to such hate-filled, wicked men. Shame on them.