Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Announcing the Seneca Falls 2 Conference Tour

The top ten Protestant denominations have approximately 179,183,430 persons claiming to be affiliated with them. Well over half of these are women.

That means at least 90,000,000 Christian women are subjugated within their homes and churches due to gender-role restrictions.  

The Woman's Rights Conference hosted at a Methodist church 162 years ago, in Seneca Falls New York, only began the work. There still remains much to be done.

The first conference is scheduled for Saturday July 24, 2010 (location and details to be announced).To be notified of conferences coming to your area visit: http://www.senecafalls2.com/

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www.wanetadawn.com said...

Remember, these are only the top 10 denominations. There are many "non-denominational" groups, most of whom practice wife and woman subjugation.

It is so sad. Jesus made a point or respecting women and removing the disrespect and oppression leveled against them.

But "Christians," those who claim to follow Christ, lag behind society in treating women with dignity and respect, as valuable and free agents.