Monday, May 26, 2008

Resources from Survivors: Dealing With Abuse/Domestic Violence From a Christian Perspective

The four books listed below, are written by authors who have experienced domestic violence and/or abuse and have survived, by the grace of God, to share the stories of their personal journey's out of the minefield of abuse.

These books are complimentary to one another covering a number of scenarios within the "Abuse/domestic violence among Christians" arena. Together they provide well rounded, detailed counsel in advising not only battered and abused Christian Women, but also Christian leaders and individuals in responding confidently, compassionately, and biblically when domestic violence or abuse strikes within their spheres of influence.

Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence, is for anyone experiencing domestic violence or marital abuse. It is also for those they are most likely to turn to for help—family, friends, pastors, etc.... The Christian woman whose spirit is being crushed and life possibly endangered by domestic violence is faced with a unique burden, and she needs straight answers—not unrealistic expectations or clich├ęd, stereotypical platitudes. In this book, she will get straight answers, clear scriptural direction, and some tough challenges from one who has been there but is there no longer. 

Would the REAL CHURCH Please Stand Up!, by formerly battered Christian wife, Susan Greenfield, is a detailed challenge to all Christians in responding biblically when the batterer is one of their church leaders.

Waneta Dawn, helps us "Face it with Fiction," in Behind the Hedge, a fictional account of an abusive marriage within a Christian home, Waneta Dawn has done an amazing job of exploring the dynamics of such a relationship and the destructive effects of it on the entire family. It is written with God-given insight, sensitivity, and compassion. The story is a page turner, while at the same time, dispensing biblical guidance for women experiencing abuse that has not yet escalated into physical violence.